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Fun Side of Life | Boats

Experience Canadian lifestyle with us as we travel coast-to-coast. Join us on the Fun Side of Life as we ride along with travel and food writer, Jim Bamboulis on a cross-country RV tour visiting a variety of locations and enjoying a wide range of unique experiences while showcasing delicious local restaurants and must-visit hidden gems.

Hop aboard as we discover how Canadians from coast-to-coast have fun on a boat, boat ownership, culture and lifestyle. Explore Lake Muskoka on a boat tour, experience fishing in the Okanagan and more activities on the water. 

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Sneak Peak

Kelowna Yacht Club

Episode 1 | British Columbia

Enjoy the open road on a classic motorcycle, and a day on the lake at the Kelowna Yacht Club.

Episode 2 | British Columbia

Experience fishing in the Okanagan, an RV adventure, and wine tasting.

Episode 4 | Nova Scotia

Discover Halifax harbour and delicious east coast cuisine.

Fun Side of Life Transcripts

Sneak Peak

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Episode 1 | British Columbia

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Episode 2 | British Columbia

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Episode 1 | Nova Scotia

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Watch full episodes featuring Boats

Enjoy all the Fun Side of Life full episodes here.

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